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Frequently Asked Questions

Here are a few question that might help.

Q: How do I become a PCO?

A: Contact Saskatchewan Polytechnic Wascana Campus to write your Structural licence.

     (see Resourse page for link)

Q:Where do I get the registration forms for the convention and training seminars?


A:You can find them on the home page of the S.P.C.O.A. website.

Q: How do I receive my credits for my licence?


A: By attending the annual convention and taking the training session that are offered.

Q: How many credits do you need to renew your licence?


A: 15 in the right category's, we track it and give it to Saskatchewan polytechnic Wascana Campus for their records.

Q: How do I use my credits to renew my licence?


A: you have to contact Saskatchewan Polytechnic Wascana Campus and fill out the registration form and submit your money.

There is a link on the this site.

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