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About S.P.C.O.A.



The S.P.C.O.A. was established November 21,1991  with a membership fee paid by the PCO'S. An executive committee was set-up to organize an annual seminar. The seminar was set up to have speaker's discuss health issues (Hanta Virus), safe handling of products, licensing courses most important of all "PUBLIC RELATIONS ON THE JOB". The association has been a strong advocate for comprehensive and universal rat eradication practices and a resounding voice for adequate provincial funding.


Today the S.P.C.O.A. continues to work together with Saskatchewan Polytechnic, SARM and the Ministry of Agriculture to ensure their members stay informed and are provided with practical learning opportunities that are reflective of the PCO work environment. Now the S.P.C.O.A. have an annual meeting every year and training sessions throughout the year to keep up with all the changes.


Our Executive Commitee


is made up from our wide variety of PCO'S:


President: Ray Beck

Past president: Neil Mooney, Bob Farquharson

Vice President: Grant Peeling

Secretary/Treasurer: Tenie Longmuir

Past Secretary/Treasurer: Ryan Budd

Clothing sales: Richard Zaremba

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